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Posted by Continent Property on September 23, 2022

Thailand Work Visa

If you have plans to live in Thailand and work here legally, you will need to apply for a work permit and accompanying visa to do so. This is essentially a 3 Step process which goes as follows:

– Apply for a Thai Work Visa in either your native country or at an approved foreign immigration
– Apply at the Department of Employment for a Work Permit
– Apply for an extension of stay at your local Thai Immigration building

Do I Need A Visa To Work In Thailand? - Work Visas Explained

Why Do I Need A Permit To Work In Thailand?

A foreigner needs to apply for a work permit in order to lawfully work in Thailand. A foreigner’s position, present occupation, or job description are listed on his work visa, together with the Thai company he is employed by. It also functions as a permit to engage in a profession or activity that is legal for foreigners to engage in in Thailand.

Regardless of the type of visa they have, foreigners entering Thailand are not allowed to work unless they are given a work permit. To be qualified to apply for a work permit, a person must have the right kind of visa if they wish to work in Thailand.

Thailand Work Permit Requirements

The foreign applicant will need to submit the following documents when apply for a work permit in Thailand:

– Passport sized photo (2 inches)
– Up to date Medical certificate
– Original passport with 2 clear pages
– A formal letter of employment
– Certification of work degree
– Current address in Thailand

The Thailand employer will need to provide the following:

– Letter of employment with employee position and salary
– Agreement of employment
– Financial statements
– Map and photos of the place of work
– Application for VAT
– Withholding tax of the company
– Company certification and company objectives
– Company directors passport and work permit, signed
– Company shareholder list

The work permit process can be started the work permit application procedure after the applicant holds a non-immigrant visa. It would take 7 business days to complete the work permit process. Applications for work permits are processed at the Ministry of Labor office. Once all of the required documents have been submitted and the work permit is approved, you will be required to keep your work permit with you whenever you are working.

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