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Posted by Continent Property on September 23, 2022

How To Get A Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand continues to attract travellers from all over the globe each year and it’s easy to see why with its lush beaches, amazing culture and welcoming locals. Thailand often appears on peoples ‘bucket list’ when asked and it may also be on yours.

The first question often asked when thinking about visiting a foreign country is ‘Do I Need A Visa?’. Thailand offers most countries a 15 to 30-day visa exempt period, for extend periods of stay though you will need a visa.

What Is A Thailand Tourist Visa?

A Thailand Tourist Visa is a stamp that is placed in your passport that allows you to remain in Thailand for an extended period of stay. The most common Tourist Visa is the Single Entry Tourist Visa, allowing you a 60-day stay with the option to extend an additional 30 days for 1900b. It’s worth noting that a Tourist Visa is not the same as a 30-day Visa Exempt stamp that is available to certain countries.

Do I need a tourist visa in Thailand? - Tourist visas explained

What Are The Requirements For A Tourist Visa In Thailand?

Certain paperwork, and an application fee, are required when applying for a tourist visa. Before preparing your application, get in touch with your local embassy because the required papers and costs are subject to change at any moment and without warning. The required documents are as follows:

– Valid passport or travel document with 2 free pages and no less than 6 months on the expiry date
– Filled out Tourist Visa application form
– 4 x 6cm photo of the visa applicant, must be a recent photo
– Proof of funds, this can range from 10,000b to 20,000b
– Return ticket or ticket to next destination after Thailand
– Private rental or Hotel accommodation booking

The authority to request further paperwork is reserved by consular officers. Since there is an increase of travellers applying now that Covid is less important, it is suggested to give yourself ample time before leaving to submit your application.

The cost of a Thailand visa varies based on the nation you are applying from and the local currency. The cost of a Thai tourist visa is estimated to be between $30 and $50 for single-entry visas, and between $150 and $250 for multiple-entry visas. Please check your local consulate for current charges.

How long can I stay in Thailand with a Tourist Visa? - Thailand Tourist Visas Explained

How Long Can You Stay In Thailand?

There are two types of tourist visas: the 60-day Special Tourist Visa (STV), which enables two 90-day visa extensions at the regional immigration office, and the 60-day Tourist Visa, which may be extended for an additional 30 days. The STV has a few criteria, but it enables visitors to stay in Thailand for up to 9 months. Through September 2022, the STV will be accessible.

Do I Need Travel Insurance To Go To Thailand?

Thailand has, post Covid-19, relaxed travel restrictions and no longer requires visitors to provide proof of current Covid Insurance coverage. It’s important to know that international tourists visiting Thailand are not entitled to free medical care. If a foreigner requires medical attention, they will still need to cover any expenses themselves.

People who are going overseas should consider purchasing travel insurance. It includes not only incidents involving Covid but also the following:

– Lost Luggage
– Damaged Electrical Goods
– Personal injury and accident coverage
– Hospital check ups and medical emergencies
– Delayed or missed flights

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