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Posted by Continent Property on September 23, 2022

How To Get A Thailand Student Visa

There are many learning opportunities in Thailand including the most popular which is Thai Language. As with most educational courses though, you cannot simply learn everything you need to do within a few days or weeks and if you would like the opportunity to complete your course, you may need a Student Visa.

How To Apply For A Thailand Student Visa - Get Your Thailand Student Visa Today

What Are The Requirements For A Thailand Student Visa?

You must have been accepted into a full-time educational course, training program, or internship in Thailand in order to apply for a Non-Immigrant ED Visa. The course must require students to attend class for at least 100 hours every 90 days, or about 8 to 10 hours each week, and the school and course must be approved by the Thai government.

Required documents for student visa application:

– A valid passport or travel document with a minimum of 6 months validity from your proposed stay in Thailand
– Your completed visa application form
– Passport-sized photos x 2 from within the last 6 months (4 x 6cm)
– Completed TM 877 Thai Visa application form

The school or institution that you will be studying at will also need to supply the following documentation:

– A letter of acceptance to the school in question
– Evidence that you have enrolled correctly, this can include tuition fee receipts etc
– A description of the course you have enrolled in
– Documentation to prove that the school is real

A recommendation letter from the organization written to the Consulate where you will apply is required if you need a Non-Immigrant ED Visa to attend a seminar, training session, or internship.
Commonly, agents or schools themselves will guide you quickly and easily through this process. Documentation to prove that the school is real.

You could be asked for more documentation of your finances and schooling. In some circumstances, you may be required to provide evidence that you have a minimum bank balance of $500 every 90 days before the submission of your visa application.

You must submit your application at a Thai Embassy or Consulate outside of Thailand to be considered for a Non-Immigrant ED Visa. For most countries applying for a Thailand Student Visa, this will mean a trip to Penang, Malaysia.

Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Middle Eastern countries are among the countries whose citizens must apply for an ED Visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate in their place of residence or at a Thai Embassy designated for that purpose.

Once you have registered for a full-time course, the school or institution must prepare and provide you with all the paperwork you will need to apply. In some circumstances, the institution might be able to mail or fax the necessary forms directly to the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate you are applying.

The average processing time for non-immigrant ED visa applications is 4 working days.

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