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Posted by Continent Property on September 23, 2022

How To Get A Thailand Investment Visa

Only a select few will be eligible for the Thai Investment Visa, which is intended to boost the Thai economy. The Investment visa is aimed at wealthy individuals looking to relocate to Thailand that have expendable cash to invest and don’t want to worry about short-term visa stays. Similar to the Thailand Elite Visa, but with an Investment Visa, you should see a return on your money.

An Investment Visa is available to anyone who wishes to visit Thailand and has the means to spend at least 10 million baht on an investment. This will mainly be wealthy people under the age of 50 as anyone over that age are eligible for a Retirement Visa.

Thailand Investment Visa - Learn how to apply for an investment visa in Thailand

What Is An Investment Visa?

Since August 29, 2014, foreigners can enter Thailand on a one-year renewable non-immigrant IM visa if they invest THB 10 million or more.

If foreigners spend at least 10 million baht on one of the following, they will receive a one-year investment visa:

– Buying a condominium unit in a new development with a cost totaling or exceeding 10m Baht
– Buying State Enterprise or Government Bonds totally or exceeding 10m Baht
– A 10m baht transfer into a Fixed Deposit Account in Thailand

A multitude of assets are available for international investors who want to apply for an investment visa. The fact that holders of Thai investment visas are given a one-year visa that can be renewed annually and that their family members, such as their spouse and children, are also allowed to apply, is one of the biggest advantages of applying for and being granted a visa in this category.

What types of Thailand investment visas are available?

How Do You Obtain An Investment Visa?

Firstly you will need to obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa and then qualify by doing one of the steps mentioned above, namely A Government approved Condominium purchase, Fixed Deposit Bank Account transfer, or Government Bonds.

Condo Purchase Investment Visa

The condominium must be a minimum of 10m baht in price, but that price must be valued by the Department of Land and not just the asking price. You could pay 10, 11 or 12m for a property, but if the Department of Land value it at lower than 10m, you will not qualify for the investment visa. Similarly, if the value of the property drops below the 10m valuation, you will not longer be eligible to extend your visa.

Government Bonded Investment Visa

You must buy government or state enterprise bonds to get an investment visa. These should be available at any established Thai bank, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that there is a limit to how many you can buy and that these bonds sell out quickly after they are issued. These restrictions make it challenging to invest 10 million baht in government bonds alone, but not impossible.

Fixed Deposit Account Investment Visa

You can open a fixed deposit bank account with a bank with a majority Thai ownership for 10 million baht. As long as you can open a bank account there and remember that you cannot withdraw these 10 million baht while your investment visa is still in effect, getting the visa should be simple.

Can I Combine My Investments?

The short answer is yes! You can combine any of these options as long as the amount totals 10m baht or above and it is government-approved. As an example, you may find the condo of your dreams which is only 8m and then buy Government approved bonds for a further 2m, 10m total investment.

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