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Visas In Thailand – The Elite Visa

Posted by Continent Property on December 6, 2022

Thailand’s Elite Visa is an option worth considering if you’ve decided to move to the Land of Smiles. While it does come with its many benefits, it also comes with a hefty price tag. So what exactly is the Elite Visa?

The Thailand Elite Visa welcomes you to an elite club where you are considered a VIP Guest of the country. You can stay for 5, 10 or 20 years, package depending, and each package comes with certain privileges.

The members of Thailand’s Elite Visa scheme tend to be wealthy pensioners, investors, businessmen and property owners that wish to permanently live in Thailand or plan to frequently visit without wanting hassle.

The Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand Elite Visa Variations

Here is a current list of the Elite Visa packages available.

The Elite Ultimate Privilege

This visa is aimed at wealthy foreigners that want a long-term stay and what to maximise their benefit from the Elite Ultimate Privilege (EUP) program.

Validity: 20 years
Price: 2,140,000 THB (not including VAT)
Annual Fee: 21,400 THB

The Elite Family Premium

If you have a family and want to stay in Thailand long-term, this card is for you. Your family can receive most of the benefits that come with the Ultimate package, but it requires one family member to have the Elite Ultimate Privilege.

Validity: Validity of the main card holder (up to 20 years)
Price: 1,000,000 THB (not including VAT)
Annual Fee: 10,000 THB (not including VAT)

The Elite Superiority Extension

One of the best offers for solo travellers is the Elite Superiority Extension (ESP). You get the long length that the EUP offers but not as many individual benefits.

Validity: 20 years
Price: 1,000,000 THB (VAT included)

The Elite Easy Access

The price drops here considerably, and this Thailand visa is aimed at travellers who are just starting to get acquainted with Thailand and want to stay hassle-free while they plan for the future.

Validity: 5 years
Price: 600,000 THB (VAT included)
Upgrades: For an additional 1,500,000 THB (VAT not included) you can upgrade this card to the EUP.

The Elite Privilege Access

If 5 years isn’t enough, but 20 is too long, then the Elite Privilege Access (EPA) is perfect for you.

Validity: 10 years
Price: 1,000,000
Additional Package For Family: Up to 10 years depending on the main card, 800,000 (VAT included) per family member.

The Elite Family Excursion

An affordable and profitable card that your whole family can benefit from. Your family gains around half of the privileges that the EUP gets.

Validity: 5 years
Price: 800,000 THB
Conditions: No less than 2 people
Additional Price: 300,00 THB per additional family member. Validity the same length as the time left on the main card.

The Elite Family Alternative

This visa is for adventurous families that want to stay in Thailand for the next 10 years. Perfect for those families that are well acquainted with the area and know how to get around the island.

Validity: 10 years
Price: 800,000 THB (VAT included)
Additional Package: 700,000 per additional family member for the duration of the main card.

For a full list of packages and benefits download the Thailand Elite Visa PDF – Click HERE

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