A Guide to Buying Property in Rawai, Phuket

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A Guide to Buying Property in Rawai, Phuket

Posted by Continent Property on October 5, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Rawai

You can find the area of Rawai at the southern tip of Phuket. It’s home to some of the best beach areas in Phuket with its magnificent coastline and lush hillside areas. Rawai is home to many ex-pats and has a consistent flow of tourism with customers looking for short and long-term rentals all year round. The area caters well for tourists and ex-pats alike which makes buying property in Rawai an appealing prospect.

Should I Buy Property In Rawai?

As far as Phuket property investment goes, Rawai is a sound place to invest in either a rental property or a residential property. This is a great area to live in or visit as a tourist, meaning there are plenty of customers looking for a property for short and long-term rentals all year round. As an ex-pat looking to buy property in Rawai, you’ll be investing in an area with good infrastructure and one that caters well to foreigners.

What Kinds Of Properties Are Available In Rawai

Condos, townhouses and villas are all available in the Rawai property market. Properties in Rawai tend to be in the low to the mid-price range but with a healthy amount of high-end condos and villas available. Even though some properties for sale in Rawai come with a lower price tag, they are still quality properties, and you get considerably more space than compared to similar properties in Patong for example.

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Should You Buy Property In Rawai? - A Guide To Rawai Property

What Is There To Do In Rawai?

Rawai is one of the many areas in Phuket that cater heavily for tourists, ex-pats and locals. Also, due to its proximity to the sea, you get all the trappings of a beachside resort area. If you buy property in Rawai, you’ll have plenty of amenities and entertainment available.

Rawai Beach

As Rawai is considered a fishing village to the locals, you’ll tend to find a lot of boats moored along the seashore, so it’s not recommended that you swim there. The water is a beautiful blue and the sand is clean and soft, and there are plenty of trees around to grab some shade for when it gets too hot. Rawai beach is a great place to relax.

Rawai Nightlife & Entertainment

Rawai isn’t the biggest area with nightlife in Phuket, but there are a decent selection of long standing bars and venues. There’s a good community in Rawai, so most nightlife haunts have people frequenting them often. Some of the more popular bars to look at is the Bank Bar, Sunshine Bar and the Freedom Bar. The Laguna complex is surrounded by a number of small beer bars with a night club in the rear.

Shopping In Rawai

There are plenty of shops available in and around Rawai to keep your shelves stocked, especially if you’re looking for a few creature comforts. Makro and Lotus are available for day-to-day goods at a reasonable price, but for specialities, you can try out Food For Foreigners or visit Villa mart, which is just on the outskirts of the Chalong area.

Restaurants & Dining In Rawai

Rawai caters well for ‘Foodies’ and has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes to choose. Here you can find fine dining and an array of health food shops serving dishes from across the globe. Places of note include Pure Prep Rawai, BOOST Phuket, Cashew Nuts Food, Two Sisters Bar & Restaurant, East 88 Restaurant & Beach Lounge, Flip Side Phuket and Nikita’s Restaurant. These are just a selection of what’s available, and a trip through Rawai will showcase many more great restaurants.

Buying Property In Rawai Summary

For rental returns and residential investment, Rawai has a lot going for it. There is a regular amount of visitors to the area each month, partly due to the proximity to the Muay Thai Camps and MMA Gyms in the area, so finding a rental client shouldn’t be a problem. As a resident, you’d be living in one of the nicer areas of Phuket with great amenities, shopping and entertainment.

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