A Guide to Buying Property in Nai Yang, Phuket

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Posted by Continent Property on September 21, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Nai Yang

To the North of Nai Thon, you will find Nai Yang, another area considered to be a hidden gem of Phuket island. This is the type of area that once you finally discover it, you will want to visit again and has become increasingly popular with tourists that have stumbled upon its location and there’s more and more people looking at buying property in Nai Yang each year.

Should I Buy Property In Nai Yang?

Much like Nai Thon, Nai Yang is appealing to holidaymakers and ex-pats that want to relax and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding area. There’s a good amount of tourists visiting there each month which means you can expect good returns on a Nai Yang rental property. If you’re looking for a lush, tropical area of Phuket to buy a residential property in, Nai Yang may suit you also. Due to the location, the property prices are low to mid-range and for that, you get a good bit of bang for your buck.

What Types Of Properties Are Available In Nai Yang?

Private villa and condos are available for sale although the choice is rather limited. Fortunately while the choice is limited, the quality isn’t, and there are some high-end, affordable condo and villas for sale in Nai Yang that offer guaranteed returns.

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What Is There To Do In Nai Yang

Nai Yang has everything you’d expect from one of the less travelled paths in Phuket, beaches. There are also a lot of lovely restaurants available in the area as well as a few local bars.

Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach is an impressive size but not overcrowded. You’ll find a few beach chairs dotted around the area and a few mini-marts and beach toy vendors close by. There are usually a few beach workers there offering massages, Aloe Vera, ice creams and so on. Nai Yang doesn’t have the deepest water so it doesn’t always look as clear as other beaches in the area. There is plenty of shade to relax in and cold drinks and local Thai food is served in the area. This is not a beach to visit if you love swimming in the sea.

Plane Spotting On Nai Yang Beach

Part of the Nai Yang Beach is directly under the landing path for Phuket Airport so throughout the day planes fly overhead as they finalise their landing. It’s forbidden to stay directly under the flight path but that doesn’t seem to stop many people. It’s a good area to enjoy a bit of Plane Spotting, but we advise at a respectable distance.

Nai Yang Nightlife & Entertainment

What Nai Yang offers in natural beauty and stunning views, it lacks in a nightlife scene. This is something you would tend to expect though as Nai Yang is one of the more quiet areas of Phuket, mainly favoured by locals and holidaymakers looking for some peace (If you can ignore the planes). There are a few local bars available though.

Shopping In Nai Yang

Much like Nai Thon, Nai Yang does not have any major shopping outlets to enjoy but does have many small Thai shops full of local style clothing, tourist trinkets and Thai Food. Like anywhere on Phuket though, you are only a short trip away from a Central, Big C or Tesco lotus, only a 20m car ride away from Nai Yang.

Restaurants In Nai Yang

There are a few high-end hotel chains in Nai Yang that have some great restaurants that are worth visiting, but the best thing about the restaurants in Nai Yang is that some or directly on the beach. The Sea Almond Restaurant and Monkey Beach Cafe are both located right on the beachfront and you can enjoy amazing seaviews while enjoying your food.

The Black Ginger restaurant is one of Phuket’s best restaurants for both food and surroundings. Dining there will give you a unique Thai experience as you sample all of the Thai delicacies on offer. It’s certainly not the cheapest restaurant but worth it.

Buying Property In Nai Yang Summary

For rental properties in Nai Yang, you should expect a decent return all year round but it should be expected to see a lower interest in the rainy seasons. For those looking to relocate to somewhere laid back and beautiful, Nai Yang is somewhere to take a look at. What it lacks in a bustling nightlife scene, it makes up stunning year long views and a peaceful atmosphere.

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