A Guide to Buying Property in Nai Thon, Phuket

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Posted by Continent Property on September 21, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Nai Thon

Nai Thon is considered one of Phuket island’s hidden gems and is surrounded by lush greenery. Limited access to the area only highlights how hidden away the area is. Although you’re only a short trip away from Phuket’s bustling airport, you truly get the feeling that you’re in an unspoiled paradise.

Should I Buy Property In Nai Thon?

Nai Thon is the kind of area where you’d want to go to if you love tropical greenery and the sound of wildlife in the forests. Many tourists are attracted to the area just because of that alone, which makes buying rental property in Nai Thon an attractive proposition. Buying residential property in Nai Thon is also a good idea if you want beautiful scenery as opposed to a thumping nightlife scene.

What Kind Of Property Is Available in Nai Thon.

The area hasn’t seen much development, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any property opportunities available. Condos, villas and even resorts are available for rent and purchase in Nai Thon, ranging from the low to high-end scale.

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What Is There To Do In Nai Thon?

As previously mentioned, the major draw to Nai Thon is the feeling of being somewhere close to nature and surrounded by tropical forests and greenery. Living in Nai Thon will make you feel more like a local than a visitor and there are still a lot of nice things to see and do there.

Nai Thon Beaches

The Main Beach

The beach at Nai Thon is an unspoiled paradise and doesn’t attract the same kind of crowds that areas such as Patong do. This is perfect for anyone that just wants to head to the beach and not fight for a place to sit. The beach isn’t full of umbrellas and sunbeds and the water is crystal clear. The water is good to swim in and you can snorkel around the rocks on either end of the beach. There is a strong undertow in bad weather conditions which you should keep in mind.

Banana Beach

Close to Nai Thon, you can find Banana Beach hidden away. This is another unspoiled area far away from the beaten track. The access is a little challenging but when you finally make it over there you are greeted with a beautiful beach surrounded by tall coconut trees. There’s a restaurant available in the high season, but all year round you can enjoy soft sands and clear water.

Nai Thon Noi Beach

You’ll have to be a guest at the Andaman White Beach Resort to access this beautiful beach. It’s wide, large and has clear blue waters and fine powdery sand.

Nai Thon Nightlife & Entertainment

While Nai Thon is a quiet area, it’s not without it’s nightlife spots. There’s some great restaurant / bars in the area, including the Madagascar Reggae House, Coconut Bar & Terrace, Sunshine Restaurant Bar and the No.24 Bar & Restaurant. Each offering a great selection of food and drink with great surroundings and friendly staff.

If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, try out the Vista Del Mar Beach Club. Enjoy a breathtaking sunset while sipping on a cocktail and devouring some tasty seafood and other Thai delicacies.

Shopping In Nai Thon

Most of the shopping around Nai Thon is a short car journey away but you can still find enough local Thai stores and 7/11’s to get your basic neccesities. There’s a Tesco Lotus and a Villa Mart close to the area which will cover all of your household grocery needs.

Buying Property In Nai Thon Summary

For rental investment and residential purposes, Nai Thon has a lot going for it. It’s a relaxed area with beautiful panoramic views and a stunning beach. You can expect to see a fairly decent rental return for the area and if you choose to buy a residential property in Nai Thon, you’ll be moving into a great area.

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