A Guide to Buying Property in Mai Khao, Phuket

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Posted by Continent Property on September 20, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Mai Khao

One of the biggest attractions for people looking to buy property in Mai Khao is the beach area. It’s never crowded, and the sand and water are both beautiful. Many locals strive to keep the Mai Khao beach clean too. Mai Khao is generally one of the quieter areas in Phuket, and the peace and solitude are a big draw for an older crowd looking to settle down.

The area has developed over the past few years with the increased number of potential Mao Kaho property investors arriving, but while it has seen development, it hasn’t lost any of its natural charm. You can expect to see high-end condominiums and villas in Mai Khao if you’re looking to make a rental investment or want to settle down.

Should You Buy Property In Mai Khao?

Phuket is a melting pot of entertainment, nightlife, tourist attractions and plenty of exciting places to explore. Mai Khao is a place you’d move to if you wanted a Thailand property and wanted to kick back and watch the world go by. There is no shortage of customers searching for high-end rental properties in Mai Khao. It’s a good place for investment and retirement.

What Types Of Property Are Available In Mai Khao?

Mai Khao is not the most built-up area in Phuket so the amount of high-end luxury villas available in the area is sparse, but not completely void. With Mai Khao’s biggest draw being its peaceful and quiet nature, it still attracts many holidaymakers and ex-pats. The more tourists and ex-pats that are attracted to the area, the more common a ‘Condotel’ project have become in the area.

As a foreign investor in Mai Khao property, you’ll have the option to buy these on a Freehold purchase agreement which is in your favour. As the area develops further, there will be an increased need for privately owned villas and condos, and you can expect to see more become available in the feature.

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Property For Sale In Mai Khao

What Is There To Do In Mai Khao

In Mai Khao, you can expect to find a lot of the activities and attractions around the beach area and in the 5-star hotels are around the area. This is where you’ll find most of the nightlife and fine dining in the area.

Mai Khao Beach

The Mai Khao Beach is hands down the longest beach in Phuket, measuring a whopping 11km long. Mai Khao beach is also part of the Sirinath National Park, meaning that the beach vendors haven’t overcrowded and ruined the area. Mai Khao beach is also the home of the Leatherback Turtles, with every year that passes seeing them return and lay their eggs. Unfortunately the numbers have dwindled over the years due to a lack of security and poachers but there are a number of groups in the area looking to protect and help the turtles.

Mai Khao Nightlife & Entertainment

The two biggest nightlife and entertainment attractions in the Mai Khao area is the Splash Jungle Waterpark and the M Beach Club. The whole family will enjoy the Splash Waterpark with plenty of rides, a wave pool and a lazy river around the outskirts. Be warned, it’s not the cheapest place to go.

The M Beach club is located at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Mai Khao. Open from 12 am to 12 pm, it’s a great place to waste the day away while enjoying cocktails as the sun sets across the ocean. There’s a live DJ, a great range of food and drinks, and only a stone’s throw from the beach. Worth checking out!

Shopping In Mai Khao

Mai Khao is fairly limited for shopping due to it only being developed over the past few years. The larger shopping malls on the island, such as Central, Big C and Makro, have not moved into the area yet. Close to the hotel area, there is Turtle Village. Here you can find several small markets and convenience stores for your day-to-day goods. The surrounding areas feature a few good bars, restaurants, retail outlets and massage shops.

Restaurants in Mai Khao

You can find many Thai, Seafood and Western restaurants in Mai Khao due to the number of high-end hotels in the area. The food is of good quality and plenty of tasty dishes to try. While there are no brand-name restaurants worth noting, there are plenty of options available for a night out with fine dining and drinks.

Buying Property In Mai Khao Summary

Mai Khao is a beautiful, clean and peaceful area and while it hasn’t seen a huge amount of development up until recently, it is one of the more high-end areas of Phuket. Luxury condominiums and villas are available at a high price and with the number of Condotels developments growing over time, it’s a good place to buy a holiday home or rental property.

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