A Guide To Buying Property In Chalong, Phuket

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Posted by Continent Property on September 20, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Chalong

From what was a relatively unknown area of Phuket, Chalong has grown in popularity more and more over the past few years. Chalong ticks all of the boxes when it comes to an area for potential property investment in Phuket. The infrastructure is great, there’s a large number of amenities available and the property prices are very attractive.

Chalong attracts tourists and ex-pats these days with a good sense of local community and plenty of property developments being constructed each year. Chalong is situated around the centre of Phuket and has great access to Kata / Karon and Rawai, so you’re never too far away from some of Phuket’s best beaches also.

Should You Buy Property In Chalong?

Buying a villa or condo in Chalong is a great idea to explore for anyone that’s looking to have rental income or just a solid area to live in. Chalong is famous for its MMA and Muay Thai training camps which see thousands of tourists flock to each year, all looking for a quality property to rent. The lower property prices in Chalong and its proximity to other parts of the island also make it an attractive option for anyone looking to relocate.

What Types Of Property Are Available In Chalong

There’s a good mix of private pool villas, large townhouses and condominium projects available to purchase, giving the potential Chalong property investor spoilt for choice.

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Chalong Property For Sale

What Is There To Do In Chalong?

While not known for its bustling nightlife and beach scene, Chalong does have a lot to offer. There’s a large number of high-end diners and shopping, but Chalong is probably most famous for its fitness scene.

Chalong MMA & Muay Thai Gyms

Chalong is home to Soi Ta Eaid, Phuket’s famous fitness and training Soi. For anyone serious about healthy living, fitness and training, this is possibly the best area in Phuket for it. There are many MMA and Muay Thai Gyms in the area also where fighters from across the globe come to train at.

Wat Chalong

Thousands of tourists and locals visit the Wat Chalong Temple every day. It’s considered the most important of the 29 temples that are found in Phuket and is home to many Buddhist relics. The ‘Chedi’ is a resting place for one of Buddha’s bone shards which can be viewed from a distance. The Chalong festival is open to visitors each January and is held at the temple grounds. There you can find many souvenirs, trinkets and gifts from local craftsmen and items imported from Northern Thailand.

Shopping In Chalong

Ex-pats and tourists looking for a ‘taste of home’ will not be disappointed by what’s available in Chalong. Villa Mart and Food For Foreigners have a large import section of goods from across Europe and the US and there is also a medium-sized Makro. For your home needs, there is the Home Pro Village, also the home of Villa Mart, which has a variety of stores including Home & DIY, IT, Home Furnishings and more.

Nightlife & Dining In Chalong

While it’s not as comparable to areas like Patong, Chalong still does have a decent nightlife scene with lots of unique restaurants to try out. If you take a walk around the Chalong Bay area and the Chalong pier, you’ll find lots of great seafood restaurants and cosy bars where you can watch the sunset into the bay.

Buying Property In Chalong Summary

Chalong offers great rental potential in the low to the mid-price range due to the sheer amount of visitors looking to train and keep fit there. It’s also a fantastic place to purchase a large property at a reasonable price.

Many of the private villas have pools or garden areas which is more of a rarity in built-up areas. The prices are good, the property in Chalong is of a high standard and the area is not without its charm. Certainly, a place to look at if you want to invest in property in Phuket.

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