A Guide To Buying Property In Cape Panwa, Phuket

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Posted by Continent Property on September 20, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Cape Panwa

Cape Panwa is located on Phuket’s south-eastern tip and is roughly 10km away from Phuket Town. It is one of the main areas of interest in Phuket for those searching for marine life with its lush and calm waters, the Marine Biological Research Centre and the Aquarium. This makes buying property in Cape Panwa increasingly popular for visitors and residents.

For tourists and ex-pats that are looking for a more quiet and laid-back atmosphere, investing in Cape Panwa property would be a wise choice. It doesn’t offer the same hustle and bustle that can be found on Phuket’s west coast but Cape Panwa does offer the same stunning views and high-end property.

Should You Buy Property In Cape Panwa?

While you stand to see a low to mid return on rental returns, the area tends to attract ex-pats looking to settle down and retire. Buying a villa or Condo in Cape Panwa will see you far enough away from the busier areas of Phuket. Cape Panwa is an area where you can enjoy fewer crowds, more nature and a bit of peace, but also that you are only a short drive away from Phuket’s busier tourists if you feel like a good night out.

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What Is There To Do In Cape Panwa?

Because Cape Panwa is semi-secluded and away from the busier areas of Phuket, when considering whether or not you want to invest in Cape Panwa property, it’s important to know what area has to offer.

Cape Panwa Beach

While the waters are not as attractive as other beaches on the island, Cape Panwa beach can offer something that most other beaches in Phuket can’t, and that is peace and quiet. The views are still magnificent with an unobstructed view of Phuket’s west-coast sunset but without the overcrowding, noise and mess. Something to consider if you value privacy and quiet.

Cape Panwa Nightlife

Like most areas in Phuket, there are usually a few bars to enjoy, and Cape Panwa is no different. Cape Panwa is not known for its nightlife, but there are a few standout beach clubs in the area, Baba Pool Club and Baba Nest. Both places offer stunning views, good food and a great choice of cocktails, spirits and imported beers.

Cape Panwa Shopping

Cape Panwa does lack somewhat in the shopping area but there are plenty of local Thai markets that sell fresh produce, seafood and Thai street food. Fortunately, Cape Panwa is only a short distance from Chalong and Phuket Town which both have a lot of large-scale supermarkets and malls.

Cape Panwa Restaurants

There are a lot of great places to eat in Cape Panwa with a wide variety of choices available. Western, Indian, Halal, and Italian are just some of the food choices on offer at Cape Panwa. Many of the restaurants in Cape Panwa also feature amazing sea views.

Buying Property In Cape Panwa Summary

Cape Panwa is a great place to consider investing in a property if you’re looking to settle down and enjoy one of the quieter areas of Phuket. Property prices in Cape Panwa vary from the low to high end with a good mix of Villas and Condos available.

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