A Guide To Buying Property In Bang Tao, Phuket

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Posted by Continent Property on September 20, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Bang Tao

Bang Tao is home to one of the longest beaches in Phuket and has a large open bay area. There are many 5-star hotels, luxury villas and condominium projects, fine dining and shopping available that attract a lot of ex-pats and a good amount of tourists to the area.

Should You Buy Property In Bang Tao?

Bang Tao has seen most of its development over the past few years and is rapidly becoming one of the more prominent areas for buying property in Phuket.

What Types Or Property Is Available In Bang Tao?

High-end villas and condos are available for sale in Bang Tao, Phuket. A good mix of older properties and new developments is available for anyone considering buying property in Bang Tao.

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What Is There To Do In Bang Tao?

When considering property investment in Bang Tao, it’s good to do your research and find out about the amenities and activities available. These will affect the price of the property and the rental potential.

Bang Tao Beach

As mentioned previously, Bang Tao beach is one of Phuket’s longest beaches, situated on the west coast of Phuket. The beach is narrower than other beaches on the island, and the water is also not as shallow, but it’s a great place to spend the day. It’s a beautiful stretch of beach and is one of the biggest draws for tourists to visit the area. The beach doesn’t become overcrowded compared to other beaches in Phuket like Patong Beach.

Bang Tao’s Nightlife & Entertainment Scene

There are several bustling beach bars and beach clubs in Bang Tao with big names such as Catch Beach Club, Carpe Diam Beach Club & Xana Beach Club. You’ll see some big name DJ’s performing at these venues and plenty of themed nights. A handful of Reggae-themed bars around the beach area for those looking for a more relaxed vibe.

Shopping In Bang Tao

In Bang Tao, most of the good shops can be found in the Laguna area. For home shopping and groceries there is a well-stocked Villa Market available that offers a good range of imported goods and Central Food Hall, located in the Porto de Phuket Mall. That’s not the only thing that can be found at the Porto de Phuket Mall though, there’s plenty of restaurants, clothing and lifestyle shops are also available there.

Restaurants & Dining In Bang Tao

If you’re a Foodie looking to buy property in Bang Tao, you’ll be in heaven. There is a large variety of quality restaurants and beach clubs serving international fine dining, cakes and pastries, Thai food and more. Restaurants of note include The Beach Cuisine and Siam Supper Club.

Buying Property In Bang Tao Summary

Bang Tao is an area that has seen many great additions over the last few years and is an up-and-coming, high-end area. If you enjoy good food, great views and a quiet pace of life but with a healthy dash of nightlife, you should consider buying property in Bang Tao.

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