A Guide To Buying Property In Ao Por, Phuket

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Posted by Continent Property on September 20, 2022

Phuket Property Investment – Ao Por

Ao Por (Ao Po) is considered to be one of the luxury gateways in Phuket, mainly due to it being home to the Ao Por Grand Marina. The area is a yacht lovers paradise with many luxury yachts moored throughout the year. There’s a lot to see and do in Ao Por, certainly one of must-see areas for people travelling to and wanting to explore Phuket

Should I Buy Property In Ao Por?

If you’re considering buying residential property in Ao Por first thing to be aware of is the general price of residential property in Ao Por. This is one of Phuket’s more up market areas and comes with a hefty price tag. Luxury hillside villas and condominium projects are on sale and can be converted to Ao Por rental or residential properties. The proximity to the pier and the many luxury yachts that visit all year round indicates that Ao Por is a good place for a luxury rental property.

Property for sale in Ao Por, Phuket

What Types Of Property Are Available In Ao Por?

The different types of residential and rental property for sale in Ao Por differ between luxury Villas, some boasting 5, 6 or 7 bedrooms, and high-end condominium developments with stunning views. You won’t find too many low-end properties for sale in the area and can expect to pay anywhere from 5m – 100m.

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What Is There To Do In Ao Por?

The main attraction in Ao Por is the marina area, but with so many luxury yachts that frequent Ao Por, you can expect to find a lot of high-end restaurants in Ao Por also.

Ao Por Marina

Opened in 2008, Ao Pr Grand Marina is a 300-berth marina that boasts 10m wide walkways to the East and the North. Here you can find many Superyachts moored up to view and the area also contains many quality restaurants, nightlife, shops and a fitness centre with a pool. Worth a visit if you’re a tourist or an ex-pat.

Ao Por Nightlife & Entertainment

It’s not uncommon for Phuket’s seaside areas to have a decent nightlife scene and Ao Por is no different. The area is more upmarket than you might be used to in Phuket and the nightlife doesn’t tend to stay open too late but here you can find a good selection of local bars. Focusing on the main attraction of Ao Por, the marina, you’ll find the D’ Deck Bar. Coffee, Tea and A Full Bar are available throughout the day, often with Buy One Get One deal.

Shopping in Aor Por

There isn’t a great deal of shopping choice in the North East of Phuket but there are certainly enough places in Ao Por available to cover most of your day-to-day items. Of note, there’s a decent-sized Super Cheap available along with many local convenient stores.

Restaurants in Ao Por

What Ao Por lacks in shopping venues, there are many great places to eat out at. Its proximity to the sea means there are lots of great fresh seafood restaurants to enjoy some local Thai dishes. Popular restaurants like the Port Of Call Bar & Restaurant and the Gallery Restaurant & Bar are busy all year round.

Other Things To Do In Ao Por

Tourist and ex-pats that love wildlife and natural beauty, there are a few more places you should visit. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project helps rehabilitate confiscated or unwanted Gibbons back into their natural habitats and there’s also the Phuket Elephant Park that houses rescued Elephants on there large grounds. You’re also only a short trip away from Naka Island which is easily accessible from the Ao Por marina.

Buying Property In Ao Por Summary

Being located in the North East of Phuket, Ao Por is far away from the busier tourist areas of the island, but with it’s fantastic marina, the area continues to attract more and more people each year. There’s a good demand for holiday rentals in Ao Por and it’s also a great place to relocate if you’re a big fan of boating and yachts, as well as a more laid back lifestyle next to the sea. Property here does come at a premium, but the build quality is high and the views are amazing.

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